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Chainsmokers. A blockbuster name in the music industry. The duo has made a massive name for themselves since breaking into the spotlight with their 2014 single, ‘Selfie.’ Ever since they have scaled heights like:

  • US Billboard Hot 100 top 10, with ‘Roses’ single.
  • The single ‘Closer’ topped the US Billboard Charts
  • A Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording, achieved by single, ‘Don’t Let Me Down.’
  • 2 American Music Awards
  • Five iHeart Radio Music Awards

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart linked up in 2012 under Adam Alpert who is their manager. Pall takes up the DJ-ing role in the group while Taggart is the writer, producer and also taking up vocalist roles.

Before Pall and Taggart, Chainsmokers was initially Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler. When Taggart and Pall linked up thanks to Alpert, they kicked off their career by making remixes of Indies bands, which its incorporation is part of their musical style, before their first collaboration with Priyanka Chopra, an Indian actress, and artist.

Their musical style as described by Taggart is a cohesion of different genres including dance music, pop music, indie, and hip-hop.

With a promise of a more in-depth tutorial, the Duo released a sneak peek of how another of their hits, ‘Somebody’ came to be. Not only did they use modular synth, piano, and Ableton but also incorporated samples of vocals that were pitched-up.

The interesting facts about the vocals are that when their creation happened, they were intended for the composure of another different song. The point is the explanation for the change of pitch in the song.

The video posted on Facebook, shows a little making of the tunes before Pall, plays it entirely on his MacBook, where the video takes a cut and leaves the audience yearning for more.

To get to where they are, they have had motivations and role models and people who influenced them. Pharrell Williams, DeadMau5 and Linkin Park take up the influential roles musically on the duo.

Taking Back Sunday, Taylor Swift, The XX, Blink-182, and Explosions in the Sky are acts that have played influential roles in the songs that the Chainsmokers have written and produced.

With their latest track ‘’Closer,” just released after much anticipation from their fans, the Chainsmokers are focused on becoming great artists globally. Remarkably, they have established their brand, and they are yet to make a killing as their fan base grows worldwide.


In an interview, Alex Pall, the duo half talks about how he started as a DJ based in New York City and how his manager linked him with Drew, who moved from Maine. Alex quitted his job to concentrate much on music as his career. It was their love for music and ambition that kept them going despite the challenges. They would consider what was working for them and be more cautious about what was killing their dream.


Pall attributes their growing social market to Drew’s prowess as a producer. They worked for hand in hand in creating an identity and pushing their music to great heights. Hysterically, Alex Pall speaks of how they would work round the clock driven by their core values in the journey of self-discovery to be the best artists.


As an electronic genre artist pushing to build a strong identity, Mr. Pall states that contrary to other artists, they work with songwriters to write the songs with them. Earlier, they had been deliberating on better album concepts as the pressure to release mounts from fans and their recording label. They don’t entertain the idea of launching an album of merely 10 to 12 songs with no constant rhythm.


Pall considers working with Halsey on the hit “Closer,” as excellent due to her unique and loud voice. Notably, they wrote the song on their tour bus never to imagine how far it would take them in the right direction. Strangely, Drew was singing on the song as they got their hands on producing, which was unfamiliar to many of their audience.


Pall accredited social media such as Instagram for his precision on connecting with the sense of their audience. He speaks of how the young and old from places like the Philippines and South Africa find an emotional connection with their music. This proves that it cuts across different age and origin, which inspires them even more. Lastly, Pall explained how they are continually working to satisfy their growing audience in improving their live shows. They have toured the world twice or thrice to bring a new and delightful show experience.