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Brazil is the land of opportunity. As the eighth largest economy in the world and the largest economy in South America, Brazil is seen as the hope for Latin America. It is a land of 200 million inhabitants and is one of the largest producers of food in the world. And while its economy may not be as large as America or China, Brazil still fares well in entrepreneurs and multinationals who do business in the country.

In the past few years, Brazilian has experienced a decrease in the growth rate, owing to the new Brazilian president’s populist strategies. While this slowing of the Brazilian’s financial sector may be alarming for some, the appointment of Joaquin Levy to the post of financial minister is a promising sign.

Brazil works best with a traditional model of doing business, supported by an entrepreneurial spirit present in the people and a need to do business through relationships and solid networking. This is only strengthened by the suggestions of Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian investor who is currently consulting with the Bainbridge Group.

Cornelsen made his name on as a top banker in Brazil, where he headed no less than two of Brazil’s top ten banks. His work within the banking industry is generally seen as a boost to the Brazilian economy during his tenure with his banks.

Igor Cornelsen has worked for the past four years with the Bainbridge Group but has also helped out his native Brazilians by dispensing financial and investing advice through various outlets both at his native home and abroad. Currently, Cornelsen lives and works in South Florida, traveling internationally to give speeches on the importance in investing and finance.

But where Cornelsen truly excels is taking a step back from the Brazilian stock market and the financial sector to give investors, bankers, and ordinary people a layman’s view of the industry and tips that could help anyone secure their financial future. And as Brazil changes direction in an attempt to further stabilize their economy, Cornelsen stands by, waiting to help those who want to enter this exciting market.

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  1. Rylee Zachariah says:

    No doubt the Brazilian financial sector will increase in activities as the economy of Brazil showed promise from the year 2010. Economic comments from my assignment help will make one have a better understanding of the most important factor. When it comes to finance stock is major and it’s like a game one must learn to never lose.

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