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Mental health conditions are prevalent in the contemporary world due to the numerous stressors in society. Remarkably, many people suffer from clinical depression, which like other mental health disorders, can be painful and devastating. TMS Health Solutions marries innovative treatments and medication to help people with clinical depression overcome the condition.

TMS Health Solutions is a pre-eminent outpatient psychiatry practice that helps patients conquer mental disorders including clinical depression and mood disorders. Their clinics are designed to offer practitioners, patients, and staff members a modern and relaxed atmosphere for work and recovery. TMS Health Solutions commits to changing the face of outpatient mental healthcare by offering comprehensive and evidence-based treatments.

The Centers for Disease Control projects that approximately 14-17% of adults will suffer from clinical depression in their lifetime. The treatment for clinical depression is medication and talk therapy. Unfortunately, some people suffering from clinical depression do not respond to medication and have a condition called Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD). For such patients, an alternative treatment called TMS therapy is advisable. TMS therapy (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is an FDA-approved and effective therapy for treating clinical depression that is drug-resistant. It has negligible side effects, and patients get the treatment on an outpatient basis in a practitioner’s office.

TMS Health Solutions’ team of experts are qualified and experienced to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for clinical depression. All TMS Health Solutions’ employees commit to research, education, and treatment for mental health disorders. They listen to patients’ needs and recommend appropriate treatment. TMS Health Solutions works with the patient to determine if they require medication or TMS for their depression. They walk with the patients throughout the treatment and recovery journey until they are well again.

TMS Health Solutions has a culture of innovation, teamwork and interdependence, and learning to offer the best mental healthcare. Its core values of accountability, credibility, and transparency make the institution a leader among its competitors. With clinics across the US in San Francisco, Sacramento, and Oakland, TMS Health Solutions delivers exceptional mental healthcare services to patients. It has assisted thousands of people to overcome clinical depression, and resume their healthy lives.


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