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I bet you are wondering how being vegan ties into LimeCrime? Well before we touch onto that, you must first understand what a vegan is and understand what some of the benefits are to living a vegan lifestyle. A vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products. Vegan lifestyles and products have been proven to help people lose excess weight. Some vegan products are even known to help protect against certain Cancers and a ton of other awesome medical, cosmetic, lifestyle benefits.

Now that you know some of the pros to vegan health, just think about all the positive things that would come with having vegan ingredients in your make up. LimeCrime took that concept and applied it to their products! The Lime Crime company really care about their consumers. With that being said they are a vegan and cruelty free. Lime Crime is certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.) as well as The Leaping Bunny Program.

Now to the good stuff, Lime Crime has some new products out! If you go on the Lime Crime website you will notice they have their ever popular Venus palette revamped, renewed, and it’s an XL! That’s right they made the Venus XL, this palette includes 18 Shadows that come in 4 finishes. You get some Matte, Matte Sparkle, Glow, and Metallic shades all in one Palette. With rustic reds and golden rose colors, it’s not hard to see this palette becoming a fan favorite. This palette retails for $56.00 on the Lime Crime website.

They also have a liquid lipstick trio that they call “Feelins Bundle” this trio comes in three beautiful colors of Pink, Red, and Fuchsia. If the first two products alone done catch your eye Lime Crime’s “Unicorn Hair” will! They feature a full coverage, ultra-conditioning formula, that’s also damage free. Lime Crimes hair dye comes in a large assortment of vibrant colors and the best part is it’s only semi-permanent. These nifty jars of hair dye retail at only $16.00 a jar! You can check out all of these products on the Lime Crime website.

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