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It has been an incredible 25 years of Sussex Healthcare providing their clients with customized and support services in their various facilities in England and other areas. The propelling force behind the vibrant Sussex Healthcare lies among others on the shoulders of Shiraz Boghani who has a vast knowledge in hotel management and Shafik Sachedina who is an expert in the medical world. These two experiences and the teamwork of the staffs have seen the center grow to heights to becoming one of the award-winning adult care facilities in the region.

Sussex Healthcare began in 1985 and over the years, it has grown and expanded to have over 20 facilities which are well equipped to cater for the needs of adults and youths who need extensive care. Adults who are frequent in the facilities suffer from dementia and Alzheimer while most youths have some neurological disabilities. The management team at Sussex is made up of professionals who are well trained to take care of their clients. They operate on a common philosophy in the healthcare center which says that every patient is entitled to recreational services, leisure, and various social activities.

One of the best programs at Sussex Healthcare is the one that involves their surrounding community who are educated on how to stay active in their surroundings. The qualified chefs and staffs in the facilities are there to ensure any patient that reports at the center with dietary issues is comfortable in the facilities. The excitement hit the facility in March 2018 when they had a new Chief Executive Officer Amanda Morgan-Taylor who has a vast experience in the healthcare industry from when she started her career as a mental health nurse.

Her career has always been focused on the betterment of the care offered to elderly people hence becoming the most appropriate person to head Sussex Healthcare. With its Training Academy at their facility, they train their staffs to make them more caring, compassionate and even more professional when dealing with their clients and patients. The salaries, benefits, pension programs, free bus rides, reduced accommodation fees, subsidized meals, free vacations and even uniforms are some of the things enjoyed by the staffs at Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is there to provide emotional, spiritual, physiological, physical and even social care to their visitors. Some the types of care provided here include elderly care – normal and specialized, respite care, palliative care, dementia care, neurological care, and also profound and multiple learning disabilities and (PMLD). All these types of cares are offered in separate facilities.


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